About Online Reporter

Galileo Online Reporter is a web-based application containing reports valuable to those who have the responsibility of managing the learning of others. Administrators, specialists, teachers, policy-makers, and researchers are the users of the information contained in these reports. Galileo Online Reporter provides rapid electronic access to management information; it is part of the Galileo System for the Electronic Management of Learning.

Galileo Online Reporter enables administrators and supervisors to generate a variety of multi-level reports that reflect child outcomes including patterns of progress. Multi-level capability means that reports can be produced at class, center, agency, and multi-agency levels. With these reports, programs can look at child outcomes for the entire agency as well as for various groupings of children (e.g., children at a specific center or at specific delegate agencies). Likewise, Online Reporter allows agencies with broad oversight, such as State Departments of Education, to look collectively and separately at all programs within their jurisdiction. The overall goal of Online Reporter is to provide those in administrative and policy-making roles with the advantage of rapid access to information for use in setting educational goals, making and implementing plans to achieve those goals, and evaluating goal attainment.

Galileo Online Reporter includes filters that make it possible to create reports for specific groups of children. For example, an administrator might wish to run a Development Profile in Early Math for children who will be five by September 30th of the current year. Creating this profile is possible simply by activating the age filter provided in Online Reporter. Other filters of interest include ethnicity, gender, special needs, financial need, program type, and primary language. Examining the accomplishments of different groups of children may lead to the establishment of different sets of goals for different groups.

Last Updated:  02.28.17